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MATEOS - tavs draugs būvniecības pasaulē

Mūsu kolēģi varēs komplektēt dažādu ražotāju materiālus, pat ja mums to nav pie mums vai Latvijā.

Par cenām vienmēr vienosimies

Mateos, SIA
На основе отзывов: 38
alu alu
A small shop for household and building materials, there are also distributors of various lifts and hoists, distributors of Bulgarian cosmetics Biofresh and some offices I do not know yet.
Valentin Cheremisin
Good building material base
Zorde Zorde
The best store, add a little products, diversify, and OH.
Nik Hom
Good value propositions. Responsive workers, however, lack territorial structure / order. (But this is not a question for tenants)
Alens Sorokins
Flexible prices
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